We have a cornfield maze … and more!

Farmer Ganyard’s Harvest Festival at Upchurch Farm features a corn maze.
As you gaze across the pasture, you’ll see beautiful crops of pumpkins, corn, and cotton growing in the fields. In no time you’ll be walking through the crops enjoying the experience of seeing and picking them, just like a real farmer.

Tiny Tots Corn Field Maze (Sorghum) for School Field Trips

Little Tykes, including school kids can run off a lot of energy racing through our real, live miniature mazes. For those “agri-techies” Farmer Ganyard is actually growing a sorghum field, but it looks like short corn to the kids (and most adults, too). It’s only about 34? tall and our parents will love being able to see their small children running ahead of them without fear of losing them. School groups can spend as much time in the maze as they want, so go have a lot of fun!! But don’t forget to mosey on over to the taller maze.

Corn Field Maze

Now, it may sound corny, but this maze is for the young and old. Our 4-acre corn field is about 6-7′ tall and full of  maize. You will walk more than 650 yards (over 1/3 mile) if you follow the entire trail. Come and see how many bends and turns you’ll find as you make your way through the maze. Pick an ear of corn to take home. Have an a-MAZE-ing time in the maze. I know, corny! Click here to learn more about the history and uses of corn.

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