Well, hay!


Yes, it’s kinda fun to burrow down in the bales of fresh hay! It smells so clean — feels so crunchy — and tickles only a little!



Sometimes it’s necessary to just stop and “smell the roses”, right? This little fella seems to be enjoying the pile of pumpkins below him. We’re wondering what he’s thinking!

A real Pumpkin Patch!


This is just what it looks like in our pumpkin fields before a good frost kills the leaves! It’s lovely to see the pumpkins hiding in all of the green vines. Just waiting to be picked.

Two Kids


We could not resist posting this full length photo of “two kids” at the farm! Both of them appear to be grinning. This is what makes our job so much fun!

Singing: Sisters!


This puts us in mind of the old Irving Berlin song “Sisters” — made popular in the movie “White Christmas”. 

“All kinds of weather, we stick together.
The same in the rain and sun.
Two different faces, but in tight places
we think and we act like one.” 

Tuckered Out!


There’s so much to do at the farm during our month of Fall Harvest festivities — it’s enough to make a grown man need a nap! Nap time! Shhhh!