1. Can I bring my pets to the farm?
    No, please do not bring any pets to the farm! But you are welcome to enjoy our “pets” while you are visiting! We have lots of farm animals here!
  2. Do you have to pay admission to buy pumpkins or to shop in the barn store?
    No.  Shopping in the store does not require admission to the farm activities.  Admission is only for the purpose of enjoying the many fun activities the farm offers.  What can I buy in the farm store? • Pumpkins • Bales of hay • Apples • Honey • Homemade crafts • Yummy jams and jellies • Halloween novelties • Gourds • Bottled water
  3. Is there a place to have lunch?
    There is a wonderful, shaded picnic area, so pack your picnic and plan to stay.  There are tables available, or you may bring a blanket, if you wish.
  4. Do you sell pumpkins for baking?
    Yes, they are called pie pumpkins.
  5. Do you sell pumpkin pies?
    No, we do not sell pumpkin pies.
  6. What size pumpkins are in the field?
    Different sizes; however, we like to provide only small to medium sizes for school children so they can handle them.
  7. Can school classes take time to measure pumpkins?
    Sure – some teachers like to use this fun time as a learning experience.
  8. What kinds of animals are on the farm?
    Goats, miniature donkey and miniature horese.  On occasion you may catch a glimpse of wild, native animals such as deer, turkeys, quail, etc.
  9. Who makes the homemade items?
    Local crafters make most of our items.  Our canned goods are made at several different licensed and approved kitchens.
  10. Is the farm a working farm?
    Yes, Farmer Ganyard grows pumpkins, corn, cotton, etc.  Many months of hard work are required to have a successful growing season.
  11. What do you do during the off-season?
    At the present time, the farm is only open during the fall pumpkin season.
  12. How are gourds made?
    Plant the seeds, give them water and plenty of TLC.  Then they are dried and the outer shell becomes hardened. 28. Where are the apples grown? Our apples are grown in the North Carolina Mountains.
  13. How long has Farmer Ganyard been farming?
    Farmer Ganyard grew up on a dairy farm.  He then pursued degrees at both the University of Georgia and Mississippi State University.  After completing his PhD in entomology, he was instrumental in eradicating the boll weevil from the cotton crops in North Carolina.  After many successful years as a scientist in the field of entomology, he decided to return to his love of farming and began operating Ganyard Hill Farm in 1995 to provide a community resource that would be both educational and entertaining.  Though the tourism portion is only during the fall harvest season, the agricultural portion is a year-round endeavor that utilizes his many skills to produce a bountiful farm for all of us to enjoy!
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