Field Trip Details

As always, we promise to do our very best to help make your visit to Farmer Ganyard at Upchurch Farm a successful, fun, learning farm experience for both you and your students.

Upchurch Farm 2521 Louis Stephens Dr., Cary, NC 27519. See Map

Upon arrival at Upchurch Farm our staff will assist you in locating a parking spot.  If this is your first visit to Upchurch Farm, our staff will point you in the direction of check-in.  Please proceed to check-in and purchase your admission stickers.  You may collect money from parents in advance for their admission or you can let parents pay us individually for their admission upon arrival.  Once you have received your admission stickers please place them on the front of the students’ and your clothing so they are visible.  You may then enter the farm tour area.

Farm Tour

Your farm tour is self-guided and may be conducted in any order you please.  The following list describes the events on your farm tour:

  • Hayride tour of the farm
  • Trip through our pumpkin patch, where each participant will pick his or her own pumpkin to take home
  • Corn Crib
  • Cotton Picking
  • Two small mazes
  • Giant haystack (hay mountain) which kids can climb and play on
  • Pumpkin farm coloring book
  • Bring a snack to enjoy on the farm

You will also have the opportunity to view several educational stations full of fun farm facts.  Students, and children of all ages, will be able to answer questions such as: How much milk does a cow make per day?  How many miles of bee flight does it take to make an ounce of honey?  How many eggs does a chicken lay per day?  What is the life cycle of the pumpkin plant?  And more!

Though your tour is a self-guided please feel free to ask our staff for assistance at any time.  You may want to start your adventure with your fun hayride trip around the farm, the barnyard, or even somewhere else.  We find that many teachers like to pick their pumpkins at the end of the tour in order to take them directly to the bus.


We have toilet facilities and hand-washing stations at the farm.

We encourage you to discuss safety with your students, and we’ve offered some suggestions for organizing your field trip on our website under “Just for Teachers”.

Prices and payment terms:
Admission is $11.00 each, per child and per parent.  With admission, parents may participate in their child’s total experience at Upchurch Farm, including a complimentary pumpkin.  We allow 1 free teacher admission per class of 10 students or fewer, 2 free teacher admissions per class of 11-20 students and 3 free teacher admissions per class of 21 or more students.  Each teacher admission includes 1 complimentary pumpkin.  We prefer that you bring your payment with you to farm.  However, we will invoice you for later payment if this is more convenient.  MasterCard, Visa, checks made payable to Farmer Ganyard at Upchurch Farm, or cash are all accepted.

Picnic Lunch
We encourage you to bring a picnic, if possible, and hang around for a while. We have no time limit on your stay, and want it to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience with hopes you will plan to come back many more times. Please let us know any time you have questions or suggestions about the farm, farm life, the field trip program, etc.

Share our website with parents and download the coloring sheet as a take-home activity.

As always, dress for the weather (rain boots are especially helpful if there’s been a recent rain).

If you need anything at all, or have any questions, please contact us either by email or by phone 919.886.9519.  We’re all looking forward to seeing you this season!!

Farmer Ganyard

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